Home Health Care & Monitoring

Aging parents ignore their health causing unnecessary complications.

Are you worried about your parents’ health back home… rightly so? Elderly living alone have a very complex set of problems with their physical health, emotional health and psychological health which affect their overall quality of life. Loneliness leads to lack of interest in life and self neglect which further leads to poor compliance with diet, exercise and medication which ultimately leads to disease complications and poor quality of life. Most of the elderly people in India have some or the other chronic condition like diabetes or hypertension, and need a regular treatment along with diet and exercise. If they have more than one condition then the problem compounds. It’s difficult for them to manage their medication, doctor’s appointments and healthy diet and exercise. Irregular treatment of these conditions leads to complications which can sometimes be life threatening eg some missed doses of BP medicine can lead to brain hemorrhage. There is often some gap between what the doctor advises and what patient understands. This incomplete understanding of disease reflects in poor self management and complications.

Since you don’t stay with them you are dependent on your relatives to take care of their health. They may or may not be available 24 X7 and may or may not have knowledge of healthcare. Moreover, you are not actually aware of their exact health condition, because parents often lie about their health assuming not to burden you with their responsibility and let you focus on your career and family.

Home Health Care services in India are un-organized. You cannot trust the system here to get a streamlined treatment as you can in USA. It does not mean there are no good doctors available. There are excellent doctors available in India but most often due to lack of guidance patient cannot reach them. According to a survey approximately 70% patients waiting outside super-specialist’s office in Indian metro had been to wrong specialty for consultation. There are no devoted primary care services who are responsible for proper reference and record keeping.

Our Home Health Care & Monitoring Solution

We at Torana Health – Home Heath Care company, are specifically addressing these issues because we understand them. We follow the bio-psycho-social model to ensure a holistic, patient-centered approach. We provide excellent personalized home health care and monitoring service at the comfort of your parent’s home with a goal of prevention and early recognition of diseases and complications to improve overall quality of life. This personalized home health care and monitoring plan is prepared after careful and detailed assessment of physical, emotional, psychological, nutritional and functional health. Fall is a very common incident in old age leading to surgery, disability and sometimes death. Keeping this in mind, our health assessment also include home safety checklist to prevent these casual falls. We provide a personal home health care manager to your parents to monitor their health according to plan and remind them their medications. PHM can take care of everything your parents’ health need. Physiotherapist will teach them exercise relevant to their age, need and limitation if any. A nutrition consultant will prepare a healthy diet chart for them and personal health manager will ensure that they follow their exercise and diet regularly. Regular monitoring of their functional ability will also tell us about when they will need assisted living. Personal health manager will be available 24X7 on phone for any consultation.

Regular visits by PHM will ensure compliance to medications, monitoring of BP, Sugar etc and no missed appointments with their regular doctor. We will assign a guardian physician to your parents who will not only monitor the health in details but also treat minor and non emergency ailments at their home. The guardian physician will be in-charge of your parents’ health and will navigate you through the complexity of Indian home healthvcare system. She/he will also help you in informed decision making regarding further management of your parents’ health.

You will receive regular health updates of your parents’ health through email or phone calls if you choose so. Thus you will be aware of exact health condition of your parents and you can be sure of their upkeep without worry or guilt.