Crisis Management

Who is there with your parents during health emergency?

God forbid, if at all any health crisis arises, it’s very difficult for you to manage it from faraway place. Under estimating the life threatening symptoms is also very dangerous. Timely interventions and informed decision making can make a difference in life and death.

Our Crisis Management Solution

Torana Health can help you in management of any health crisis relating to your parents. Our PHM will inform them about at risk conditions and their symptoms. If any of such symptoms arises, at any time of day, they can speed dial PHM who will assess the severity of symptoms and immediately start crisis management protocol. In case they need emergency hospitalization, Torana Health will suggest hospital and request the hospital to arrange for ambulance. PHM can also facilitate hospital admission, oversee the treatment and can stay there until someone responsible from your family arrives. PHM will also keep you posted of every development. We want to make it very clear though Torana Health is not an emergency medical service. Its not possible to provide time-bound emergency medical service in India with its present healthcare structure.