Frequently Asked Questions

What is initial health assessment?

Our team will visit your parents’ home at a time comfortable to them and carry out a detailed health assessment including- Detailed history and physical examination, nutritional assessment, emotional, psychological assessment, functional mobility assessment and home safety.

What is personalized health monitoring plan?

According to the findings of initial health assessment, Torana Health will prepare a personalized health monitoring plan. It will address the need and frequency of monitoring the parameters for existing or at risk diseases and their complications.

Who is a PHM?

The personal health manager is a registered healthcare provider. He will be point of contact for any healthcare need for your parents.

Are you going to replace our regular doctor?

No, we are not going to replace you r regular doctor. We will become a useful link between you and your regular doctor/s.

What if specialist consultation is needed?

If specialist consultation is needed, we can navigate you through complex healthcare environment in India. You may consult any specialist empanelled with us or anyone else of your choice. We will make sure the doctors’ appointment and if needed will escort your parents.

What if member requires hospitalization?

If the member needs hospitalization we will facilitate in arranging for ambulance and hospitalization in any hospital of member’s choice or one of our empanelled hospital. If needed, our PHM can take care of everything in the hospital till you or any responsible person arrives.

Is Torana Health an emergency medical service (EMS)?

No, Torana Health is not an emergency medical service (EMS). Unlike west, Its extremely difficult to provide EMS in India with its present healthcare infrastructure. However, PHM will always be there to guide you at every step.

Can the membership be terminated?

Yes, the membership can be terminated by nature or if the member opts out.